Small fee, big success!

Since day one of its implementation, the MARCO Marathon Calculator has been constantly improved. Results of many studies as well as valuable proposals made by the international runners scene, are worked into the calculation scheme of MARCO, and thus made available to a huge number of runners all over the world (compatible platforms: iPhone, Android, Tablet, Desktop). This service requires substantial efforts and causes costs.

Valuable recommendations to all runners ranging from beginners to advanced athletes.

For these reasons, we decided to charge a small contribution to our visitors for our service. As of today, we offer the MARCO Marathon Calculator for as little as 1.69 Euro for free use over a period of 24 hours. We trust that, by this way, you will support us in giving valuable recommendations to all runners ranging from beginners to advanced sportsmen and sportswomen.

What do I get?

The MARCO Marathon Calculator provides you with a detailed running schedule from the first to the last mile (or km) of your marathon. On the basis of your fitness, it calculates the best possible goal time which is within your reach and a personalized strategy. With the target time in your head and following the presented strategy, you will smoothly access all your energy reserves and will very likely succeed in achieving your personal marathon record - without suffering the setback many runners fear starting at mile 20 (km 32) !

Calculate your marathon finish time and optimum running pace according to the MARCO strategy.

For each mile from 1 to 26 (or for each kilometer), you obtain guide values for your heart rate. Your personal "negative split" will be calculated and presented to you, which will take you with continuous "acceleration" and without any setbacks to the finishing line. The mile marks of the course are commented with realistic impressions as well as with valuable tips for your 26.21875 mile long race (42.195 km).

The MARCO Marathon Calculator covers all fitness levels, from beginners to professional athletes.

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