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Marathon Calculator of MARCO
MARCO: "Start slowly, pass later, and you will be rewarded with your best finish time."

A wide-spread competition strategy of many hobby runners is:

"I would rather run a little faster at the beginning, so that I have a little extra time later on.
This puts me on the safe side and my target finish time is practically guaranteed."

But this simple strategy hardly ever works.

Instead, it is better to use the MARCO strategy and to begin your marathon with "controlled ease" in the first few kilometers or miles, because a slow start and budgeting your own resources are important for achieving your target finish time or your personal record.

The MARCO strategy takes the following into consideration:
  • Your personal performance level
  • Your fat and carbohydrate metabolism
  • Your aerobic heart frequency range
  • Your energy deposits
Used correctly, the MARCO strategy will ensure that you do not suffer any setbacks over the entire course of the marathon. For most runners, this is an unachievable dream, because many have long ago accepted that the last kilometers (or miles) are always extremely difficult. This is puzzling, because a marathon without setbacks is a fast marathon.

The knowledge of many sports scientists has been used in the MARCO strategy, including that of Wildor Hollmann, Jacob Loke, Donald Mahler, David Martin, Peter Riegel, etc.

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